Things are finally starting to go and Artworx is gearing up to go from “in development” to “in production.” Once the Written Word launches (September 1) the Artworx website will go into production, if not sooner. Like the Masterpiece and coming Written Word site, the Artworx site will be its own stand-alone site with a unique design.

We are currently looking at a November launch of the website, sooner if possible. The Artworx division will officially relaunch when the website goes live.

Even though the official launch is not planned till November we are currently opening up Artworx to submissions immediately. While we initially plan on focusing on art in the form of posters and prints (both original works and works based on RDCF properties) we will also be accepting a limited number of submissions for art books, calenders, photography and more.

Artworx will not be selling online (though that may change in the future) through the Artworx website, as we will focus on getting into retail outlets (both real world and online).

Brief submission guidelines for Artworx are as follows:

* Cover Letter or E-mail.
* Please include your name and contact info.
* Calenders, Photography, Posters and Prints may be on any subject (other then porn).
* Tasteful nudes are acceptable.
* Electronic submissions should be made in one of the following formats: jpg, gif, tiff, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop image or PDF.
* Large electronic submissions should be made in PDF format.
* Hard copy submissions accepted if sent by mail.

More detailed guidelines will be coming in the following weeks.

Allow two to four weeks for a response. If we haven’t responded in four weeks, feel free to follow up with an e-mail query.

Also, these guidelines differ from the guidelines for Masterpiece Comics and Written Word. If you wish to submit to them, please check their guidelines.

For more information on Artworx, please e-mail

You can send submissions by mail:
Written Word
7829 W. Palmaire
Glendale, AZ 85303

Or e-mail to:
Please use ARTWORX SUBMISSIONS in the subject line.

ARTWORX is RDCF's art publishing division. All works of art, except for comic and story illustrations, will be published under the ARTWORX Banner.
ARTWORX’S ultimate goal is to produce a diverse line of quality, art driven products. ARTWORX will produce products in numerous genres, for all ages. Products include, or eventually include: art books, calendars, photography books, posters, prints, sketch books and more. Fiction, in such genres as comedy, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, and non-fiction, dealing with such topics as cars, history, models, nature, science, will be covered. Products will be original materials created by, or exclusively for ARTWORX, licensed properties, creator owned properties and products based on properties published through MASTERPIECE COMICS or THE WRITTEN WORD.
ARTWORX defines “art” as any material(s) created and designed to invoke an emotional reaction from the viewer, whether that reaction be positive, negative or evoke a sense of remembrance, longing, or an appreciation of beauty. “Art” can include illustrations, paintings, photos, sculptures (action figures, busts, statues) and more.

ARTWORX goal is to make ARTWORX become a successful and long lasting company. This will be done by producing a strong, diverse and quality line of products. Also, as with RDCF as a whole, we will accomplished this with a strong business plan, good promotional plan and respect for the materials we will produce, their creators and potential audiences.

“The launch of the ARTWORX website will be announced soon.”